NEC Advice


Tim Knee-Robinson is acknowledged as a leading NEC specialist with over 10 years of experience having been responsible for successfully delivering over 25 NEC projects and provided advice and training on more than 280 other NEC projects in the UK and Hong Kong.

Tim Knee-Robinson has successfully delivered over 25 NEC projects and has provided advice and training on more than 280 other NEC projects in the UK and Hong Kong.  This includes being the NEC Adviser on the Hong Kong Governments first NEC pilot project, Fuk Man Road nullah in Sai Kung for the Drainage Services Department.  This project was successfully delivered 6 months ahead of programme and within budget.  TKR Consultancy has also been appointed as NEC Consultant to CLP Power Hong Kong Ltd on the Transmission Substation Programme in Hong Kong and on Project Fresco in the UK for AkzoNobel.

Tim has extensive experience of preparing NEC contracts including developing documentation which formed the basis of all the contracts used on the 2012 Olympics.  Furthermore, Tim was a major contributor to the How to write ECC Works Information first published in March 2012.  This guidance includes a model structure based on the one conceived of by Tim.

Tim has successful developed and delivered over 220 training courses on numerous projects including Manchester City Councils’ £154m Town Hall Complex Transformation Programme and the £15bn Crossrail project, the largest NEC3 procured project in the world.

The Challenge

Successful implementation of the NEC3 is largely dependent upon understanding and managing the characteristics that differentiate it from other contracts, in particular:

  • it’s flexibility – there are 8 main forms covering Works, Services and Supply with 7 different payment mechanisms (main Option clauses) and up to 20 secondary Option clauses to choose from.
  • it’s unique structure – is very different to other standard forms and the formulation of the contract documents needs to be consider very carefully to ensure the contract operates correctly,
  • it’s use of different terminology and
  • its procedures –  whilst the NEC3 contains familiar provisions such as payment and change management the detailed step by step procedures associated with them differ markedly from other standard forms of contract.

Our Services

TKR Consultancy has extensive experience of supporting clients, contractors and consultants in the successful implementation of the NEC3 including providing tailored solutions to the challenges involved.  Our aim is to ensure the transfer of the necessary knowledge and skills in the most cost effective way.

TKR Consultancy offer a full range of services to support clients in adopting any of the NEC contracts.


Tim Knee-Robinson has extensive experience of delivering over 220 NEC training courses and seminars to numerous clients in the UK and Hong Kong.

TKR Consultancy are NEC3 training specialists and can deliver a range of modular or bespoke courses tailored to suit your needs.  Through our training courses we provide practical advice and guidance to support the successful implementation of the NEC3. We can also provide training strategies and programmes for large scale projects and teams.

  • Introduction to NEC3
  • Introduction to ECC
  • ECC procurement
  • ECC communications, time and quality
  • ECC payment.
  • ECC compensation events, risk and insurance
  • ECC assessing compensation events

The specialist training modules include:

  • Choosing a main Option and secondary Options
  • Preparing technical information for an ECC
  • Schedule of Cost Components
  • Professional Services Contract (PSC)
  • Term Services Contract (TSC)
  • Supply Contract (SC)

Procurement Stage Services

The development of the appropriate contract and tendering strategies, along with establishing an appropriate contract administration methodology will ensure the successful implementation of the NEC3

  • Contract strategies – identifying the most appropriate NEC3 contract and determining the mix of main and secondary Option clauses to be adopted along with establishing an appropriate set of Works  Information (for ECC or the equivalent for other NEC3 contracts) to suit the project objectives.  Identifying the need for contract amendments.
  • Tender strategies – identifying the most appropriate strategy to suit the contract strategy and overall objectives of the client.
  • Tender / contract documentation – we can provide a full document preparation service or review documentation prepared by others.
  • Tendering – we can provide a full management service or providing support in resolving contract related issues.

Delivery Stage Services

  • Contract administration systems – we provide advice on establishing systems to ensure compliance with the NEC3, including where appropriate internet based NEC contract administration systems.
  • Contract administration – we can provide NEC3 experienced contract administration resources or mentor others through a “helpdesk” type approach.
  • Health check audits – we provide a simple yet effective system of reviewing live projects to ensure compliance and that the benefits of the NEC3 are being realised.  We regularly advise all contract parties on issues which can arise from time to time including claims.

Guidance Notes

TKR Consultancy have also developed a number of practical guidance notes on various key aspects of the NEC3 which are freely available to clients.  These include: Share profile; Target cost contracts; Roles and responsibilities; Preparing technical information; Defined Cost and Fee percentages; Communication systems and Programmes.

The successful implementation of the NEC3 will create a more collaborative way of working between parties, ensuring clarity and focus of purpose, the minimisation of risk, greater certainty of time and cost and ultimately a greater consistency in achieving the desired outcomes.